Identify the areas where your business needs improvement and develop a plan to achieve your goals.

Are you facing IT challenges that you can't solve?

Assessments are used to gather information about your IT environment, systems, and processes. This information is used to identify areas where we can help you improve your business’s IT infrastructure, reduce costs, and increase efficiency.

Our assessments can identify the areas where your business needs improvement and develop a plan to achieve your goals.



Vulnerabilities in 2022 increased by 27% compared to 2021.

Poor Infrastructure

73% of organizations have experienced a business disruption due to poor IT infrastructure.


Average cost of a business disruption is £4,000 per minute.


Policies and governance create clarity and ownership across your business.


How can a Kyocera-Annodata assessment benefit your business?

Improve clarity

Improve direction

Save Time, Money & Stress

Key benefits

  • Help identify vulnerabilities within your business.
  • Full Network and Infrastructure review.
  • Futureproof your infrastructure.
  • Identify inefficient business processes.
  • Develop ways to improve.
  • Increased productivity and reduced.
  • Advice on long term stability initiatives.
  • Help your business avoid overspending on projects.

Our Assessment Solutions

Through our many years of experience in print and ICT, Kyocera have developed a consultative approach that recognises no two organisations are the same. We take time to understand your unique challenges, processes and goals, and then deliver insights that will unlock your full potential.

We also understand the business leaders face challenges, and are not focused on specific technology. Our strategic assessments allow you to see a more holistic view, and all the prerequisites which are required to be reviewed to achieve success.


Raise the gates! Do you have the toolkit to protect from attackers? Find out before it’s too late.

Audits include:

  • Active Directory Review
  • Vulnerability, Security and Threat Mgmt. {Infrastructure, Process & Endpoint}
  • Data integrity & data control
  • Backup & DR


Automate and increase operational effectiveness. Get more for less.

Audits include:

  • Document Automation & Workflows
  • User & Identity Review
  • Service Delivery & Helpdesk Review
  • Process assessment


Review and ensure you have the right provisions in place to support your staffing body

Audits include:

  • Infrastructure Utilisation & Strategy
  • Cloud & DC Compute
  • Infrastructure resilience
  • Printer assessment
  • Licencing review
  • User devices & self-service
  • Business Continuity


Do you have the tools and technology to facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration?

Audits include:

  • Intranet & Collaboration
  • Data sharing
  • UC, mail & telephony
  • Networking (LAN)
  • ISP & Geo-location (WAN)
  • Wireless Heatmap


Change the way you work to support an evolving landscape

Audits include:

  • IT Strategy Review
  • Cloud strategy
  • Carbon footprint Assessment
  • Policy & Control
  • IT Project Roadmap

Why Kyocera-MCL?

Best practice frameworks

We are informed and supported by the leading governance bodies and frameworks to ensure our recommendations are structured to provide best outcomes, e.g., NEST, ISO, Berke-Litwin, ITIL etc.

Beyond technology

Our USP is that we can look across the entire IT landscape and advise on strategic, governance and people requirements needed to provide a highly functioning IT Operation.

Provides clarity

Supporting with the governance mire, providing clear steps to gain accreditation or alignment to some of the leading standards/bodies.

We are carbon neutral

We are offsetting our CO2 footprint through three high-quality carbon offset projects from myclimate.

Blended approach

We use cutting edge tools, but we also leverage our best practice knowledge from our experts to ensure no stone is un-turned.

Agnostic and tailored

We provide outcomes and recommended priorities applicable to your business and your business only.

Fresh perspectives

Our benefit comes from providing fresh perspectives to new problems. Allow us to find the biggest risks in your business, today..

Long term partnerships

We are here for the long haul, working as your partner to meet business goals.

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