Managed Disaster Recovery Service

Reassurance for your business.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), also known as business continuity as a service (BCaaS), is a cloud computing service that aims to provide backup and disaster recovery services over the Internet. It has become an essential solution for businesses of all sizes to protect their critical applications, data, and network infrastructure in an environment that is becoming increasingly virtualised, distributed, and mobile.


of managing your own disaster recovery


Disaster recovery requires a secondary data centre to back up all of the data, this is an added expense and the hardware needs to be maintained and upgraded on a regular basis.

Lack of expert knowledge

Many companies and especially SME’s lack the necessary expertise to create, implement and run an effective disaster recovery plan.

Security concerns

How secure is your backed-up data? Does your solution have the level of security that your business needs to meet regulatory requirements?


Of adopting a managed disaster recovery solution

Recover rapidly from power outages

Recover rapidly from equipment failures

Recover rapidly from cyber attacks

Recover rapidly from natural disasters

Key benefits

  • Immediate recovery – businesses can rapidly recover with an immediate system failover to a secondary infrastructure within minutes, returning the business to normal operations.
  • Increased flexibility – businesses can customize their required recovery scope depending on their needs, resources, and RPO and RTO recovery objectives, and choose how their most-critical applications are protected.
  • Improved security – state-of-the-art infrastructure with seamless redundancy and no single point of failure to keep your data securely backed up in the cloud and protected away from your primary site
  • Lowered cost – no need for a second data centre or specialised staff to run disaster recovery coupled with lower energy costs via a cloud based solution.
  • Specialised support – leveraging specialised DRaaS services enables businesses to focus their IT teams on core business needs while providing stand-by supportive resources when they need a helping hand the most.

Our Managed Disaster Recovery Service

The Kyocera Managed Disaster Recovery Solution provides reassurance for business operations. It delivers business resilience and alleviates business loss caused by unexpected downtime or data corruption.

Our solution encompasses everything a customer needs for data endurance in one package, managed by an established accredited managed service provider.

Accurate catalogue management of client backups is achieved through the taking, monitoring, testing and reporting of each incremental backup instance as set out in the Recovery Point Objective (RPO). Data is stored locally with the customer for ease of backup access as well as to a private cloud for data security and incident recovery.

With our suite of additional services provided through our Onboarding, Operations and Continuity we ensure everything a customer is looking for confidence in their business resiliency solution, detailed below are these service features.

Key Features

  • Private Cloud Storage

  • Recovery Data Set Screening

  • Data Set Restore Requests

  • Handling & Monitoring Backups

  • Maintain Backup Catalogue

  • Contract Data Cleansing

  • Backup Testing

  • Reporting

  • Microsoft Health Check

  • Service Desk Support & Escalations

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