Microsoft Teams

MCL’s team of experts work with you in order to provide the best solution for your business, tailoring it to your needs and your budget.

What Microsoft Teams means for you.

Solve communication and collaboration problems with one integrated solution.

MCL will implement and manage a Microsoft Teams solution that will allow your teams to chat, call and meet across organisational boundaries with enterprise security, compliance and manageability built in.

Team workspace

Access conversations, files, and tools live in a team workspace

Working together

Work on documents and files together.

Share availability

Share meeting availability internally and externally

Stay connected

Stay connected with files and folders when offline

Share files

Share files with others inside and outside the organisation


Communicate in the moment and keep everyone in the know using chat, calls, meetings

Teams meetings

Easily join Teams meetings with HD video, VoIP, and dial-in audio conferencing options and have a dedicated phone number.

What we do.

Our experts will work with you to provide the best solution for your business, ensuring it is tailored to your needs and budget. 

Our team can also help you to manage users, configure settings and develop reports to ensure you get the most out of Microsoft Teams. And we can provide support and advice as and when you need it.

Microsoft Teams.

Transforming the way you work. Enabling innovation through enhanced collaboration in a hybrid world.

With remote and hybrid working becoming the norm, your employees may find themselves using multiple tools to stay connected with each other and their Customers. As we strive to find more effective ways to drive cross-functional and cross-geography collaboration, there is a requirement for an easily accessible and shared environment within which we can accelerate digital transformation initiatives that will reduce costs and improve security.

Microsoft Teams focuses on simplifying engagement which results in faster time-to-decision from your total employee base by ensuring all the information required is easily available.

According to a study conducted by Forrester, the productivity savings achieved by using Microsoft Teams could be between $8.8 million and $21.7 million.

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Enabling innovation.

The desire for all companies is to provide a shared digital workspace within which innovation, collaboration and communication can flourish.

Microsoft Teams is a key proponent of Microsoft 365 that facilitates faster and smarter working. This keeps your workforce connected, boosting productivity and teamwork.

A Forrester report from January 2019 stated the following:
“Enterprise collaboration helps workers share information, coordinate projects, discuss best practices, and build communities within, across, and outside the enterprise. Improved customer experience and business agility result when linear and structured communication encoded in traditional business applications is enhanced by collaboration technology that facilitates how real work gets done”.

Microsoft Teams helps to empower individuals to more easily seek out other people and resources to create and increase value for your business.

Other benefits of Microsoft Teams.

  • Co-author and edit with Office and other files
  • Prioritise important messages automatically
  • Based on topics, work streams, or business function
  • And video meetings at the click of a mouse
  • Tailor your workspace to integrate cloud apps and services that suit and support your team and organisation
  • Add bots that work on a team’s behalf and use the Teams developer platform to build integrations into existing business processes
  • Stay protected with data encryption, multifactor authentication, and advanced auditing and reporting

Why MCL?

Simply put, you’ll be the best in class.

Your business will have fully integrated and compliant systems that can react quickly and effectively in a changing market. Our team is your team and we are here to provide the best-tailored solutions and practical advice so your business can perform at its best.

No call handlers

Only fully trained, technical specialists with a 24/7/365 UK-based service desk.

Complete service offering

The breadth of our portfolio means we can provide end-to-end managed services right across IT infrastructure.

You come first

We take management challenges away so organisations can concentrate on the day-to-day.

Long term partnerships

We are here for the long haul, working as your partner to meet business goals.

We are carbon neutral

We are offsetting our CO2 footprint through three high-quality carbon offset projects from myclimate.

We are Microsoft experts

we are an MS Partner and MS Cloud Service Provider, giving us a depth of experience to integrate services and manage Microsoft Azure.

Underpinned by the Kyocera philosophy

“to do what is is right as a human being” - a concept we include in all our decision making.

Part of the Kyocera Group

With an altruistic philosophy and a unique management system, the Kyocera Group emphasizes corporate citizenship through trust among stakeholders, sustainable growth, and a favourable impact on our environment and society.

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