Business process automation

MCL’s process automation transforms the flow of data and documents throughout your business, minimising inefficiencies and maximising your revenue-generating activities.

What business process automation means for you.

Optimise the flow of all documents and data through your business.

Cost savings

Cost savings through simplified processes and lower paper usage

Increased accuracy

Increased accuracy and fewer lost or misplaced invoices

Enhanced compliance

Enhanced compliance and clear, transparent audit trails

Better cash management

Better cash management and improved visibility of cash flow


Efficient invoice cycle with less errors and exceptions

Real-time visibility

Implementing real-time visibility is your first step toward lowering costs


Operate at maximum efficiency, keep all of your important documents in one place

Risk free

Eliminates the risk of human error

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Business process automation flow.

With MCL’s process automation, our years of experience and knowledge ensure a successful transformation of your accounting function.
Optimise the flow of all documents and data through your business. Minimise inefficiencies and maximise revenue generation activity.Your business creates value for customers through the value that your employees add. Spending time on work that can be automated costs your business and customers in lost value add.Business process automation provides value by minimising document management and transfer of data. Especially as more and more businesses are adopting a hybrid way of working, automation becomes a necessity to facilitate an effective workspace environment. The complexities of back-office processes can impact staff morale and drive continued inefficiencies as employees manually ensure that the flow of information continues through the business. For example, many organisations handle hundreds or thousands of invoices each month, and relying on paper-based processes can be time consuming, prone to error and likely to result in compliance issues. All of which is costly and raises invoice processing cost. Handling internal staff queries on a daily basis and resolving each and every issue in a timely and satisfactory manner or, refreshing, updating and consolidating employee data on a monthly basis for the payroll run, directly impacts the time that the human resource team can then spend on creating value and supporting revenue generation activities like managing recruitment, supporting management development and growth. Being more efficient with time, minimising human interventions and errors, maintaining compliance through formalised workflow management, retaining and accessing all relevant data from one place and enhancing both the customer & employee experience – these are some of the key benefits of implementing process automation.
Only 5% of businesses are using a fully automated accounts payable system, while 19% have no automation at all.
ACAPP – 2019

Accelerate your digital transformation journey.

With MCL’s process automation, our years of experience and knowledge ensure a successful transformation of your accounting function. Our solution offers a range of advantages;

No matter the format of your invoices – mail or email – our solution includes intelligent indexing capabilities to extract information. This eliminates paper usage and manual data input, as all key data in invoices is recorded automatically.
Invoices are routed digitally through approval chains, or go straight through approvals based on pre-defined rules integrated into the software. Exceptions trigger notifications so they can be dealt with quickly and visibility is maintained. This streamlines the entire invoicing process, reducing cycle time and cost.
All invoices are stored digitally in a format that meets GDPR requirements, while being instantly retrievable, enabling retention policies to be applied. Businesses can benefit from effortless archiving and retrieval for all digital accounts’ payable documents.
Our solution provides an interface that integrates with ERP and financial management systems. Invoice information across the entire accounts payable process can be managed with ease, with documents and data automatically synchronised between systems. Staff can complete tasks through a unified platform, without having to switch between different applications.
Our AP solution is built for the remote and hybrid working world. Access information anywhere, any time and across any device. This reduces bottlenecks and delays, thanks to increased flexibility. Invoices are paid faster, and offers a greater chance of capitalising on early payment discounts.
Users get end-to-end visibility of the invoice lifecycle, delivering valuable insights into accounts payable performance. This information can be accessed by decisionmakers whenever and wherever they need it. Invoices are visible as soon as they’re captured, rather than having to wait for them to be manually entered into a system, resulting in better workload distribution.

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