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Protect your business against the latest cyberthreats with MCL’s expert Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (M-EDR) service.

When it comes to cybersecurity, only the best will do.

A successful cyberattack can cripple your organisation and have serious financial, commercial, and reputational repercussions. In an ever-changing threat environment, it’s vital that your cybersecurity solution evolves with it to deliver ironclad protection against ransomware, zero-day malware, fileless attacks, phishing, privilege escalation and more.

Our Managed Endpoint Detection and Response solution combines the market expertise of our portfolio with MCL’s unrivalled management and 24/7 support.

The key benefits of M-EDR

Better protection

Protect against all types of attacks, from commodity malware to sophisticated attacks, with one solution and prevent silent failure.

Maximise security

‘Native automation’ automatically prioritises alerts and enables response.

Reduce complexity

‘Simple collection’ approach where the burden is on the user to search and find meaningful detections with limited response tools.

Meet the challenge

Get ahead of the malicious hacker. Stop attacks before the breech and save on recovery costs and loss of reputation.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) with a difference

Each connected device (endpoint) is a potential vulnerability that cybercriminals could use to attack your business. EDR protects these endpoints with the latest security toolkit, constantly collecting data to hunt for potential threats with advanced AI and machine learning.


  • Automatically detects suspicious activity and shuts down attacks
  • Analyses real-time data and long-term trends to expose infiltrators
  • Responds quickly and powerfully to critical incidents
  • Identifies vulnerabilities and provides remedial actions

However, a truly effective EDR solution needs human oversight to ensure the best possible implementation, to establish cyber-safe practises throughout your organisation, to give you meaningful insights about the state of your security and to provide immediate expertise should your business experience a major attack.

MCL provide a fully managed cybersecurity service so your IT teams are free to focus on more strategic business goals.

Key features of MCL’s Managed Endpoint Detection and Response solution:

Our 5 individual M-EDR service packages


M-EDR Brochure


M-EDR Ebook


Why choose MCL?

MCL listens to business needs, and our M-EDR – Managed Endpoint Detection & Response service starts with engagement. Our highly experienced security operations team work to understand the unique security challenges faced by each organisation to implement a solution that works for you.

Securing your business with MCL is easy. Our accredited professional services team are on-hand to deliver a streamlined onboarding process, ensuring the project is rolled-out successfully, on time and to budget, without any need for your IT teams to undergo costly and time-consuming training.

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