Take control of your Human Resource processes.

MCL helps organisations improve their operational efficiency by analysing, optimising, and improving workflows and business processes.

Business like clockwork, true efficiency in motion.

The HR function is a critical component of almost every successful business or effective
organisation, but many HR departments are organised on traditional models that rely on a range of manual or semi-automated processes. Whilst these may work in practice, experience shows that many are based on outdated processes and rely on manual interventions.

By understanding and managing the content that feeds into the HR function, then examining, rationalising and automating the processes that underpin it, we offer HR solutions that deliver real business benefits in terms of improved accuracy, reduced time and lower costs.

We take a fully consultative approach and start by developing a thorough understanding of your business and your operational model, your aims and objectives, the drivers at work and, crucially, of the pain points that exist.

Streamline HR processes and transform employee service levels.

Our HR solutions maximise an employees’ ability to perform administrative tasks in the HR domain, improve access to relevant information and optimise HR-related processes.

We take a consultative and flexible approach and work with you to identify and concentrate on your immediate
needs, such as the ability to electronically store and retrieve documents, using the right tools to capture, manage and store them efficiently and compliantly.

Once you start optimising and automating key processes, you can extend the solution to encompass other essential tasks like policy and procedure sign-off’s and employee onboarding.

Complete HR package

With added automation and improved visibility into underlying processes, our solutions empower HR teams to better serve the organisation and its employees and more effectively monitor the status of key HR tasks, such as new employee onboarding across all the steps involved.

Likewise, new staff can be equipped with the tools they need to positively contribute from their first day on the job.

By providing a holistic view of all related information in a single location, the HR team can strengthen compliance and minimise liability while allowing personnel to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on value-added initiatives.

Employee File Management

Employee OnBoarding

Policies & Procedures

HR Reporting