Kyocera Cloud Information Manager

Manage your digital business content with Kyocera’s Cloud Document Management platform.

Store and manage your documents in a secure cloud archive

Kyocera Cloud Information Manager (KCIM) can enable your business to improve flexibility and performance by allowing full control over your documents, whether working from home or in the office. KCIM is a SaaS platform that facilitates the storage and management of all your digital documents in a secure online archive.

KCIM supports the digitisation of your business

Cloud based access to your business documents

The KCIM platform enables quick and secure access to your business documents through a web browser; therefore, users can access files wherever they are.

Ensure your documents are secure with Enhanced Security

The KCIM platform stores documents in an encrypted server, where users with the right credentials are granted access

Easily Store and Find your Business Documents

The KCIM platform “one click indexing” feature simplifies the labelling of documents and highlighting of keywords. This ensures all documents are easily found in the future.·

Provide access to documents to users based on requirements

KCIM provides a highly secure document management platform that allows administrators to manage access by document or user category.

Making your Hybrid Workspace Smarter

The KCIM platform supports various types of digital documents; thanks to the intuitive and easy to use functions of the web browser interface, the uploading and finding of documents is fast, secure and simple process.

Multi-tenant software

Reduce your operational costs using the multi-tenant software hosted in the cloud with Google Cloud Platform (GCP).


Capture documents with your smartphone and send them to KCIM with the mobile application.

Supporting the Hybrid Business

The KCIM platform enables quick and secure access to your business documents through a web browser.

Platform Security

Upload and store documents securely while ensuring that only authorised users have access to the information.

Easily organise with Simple Keyword Tagging

An efficient way to save keywords and index your files.


Organise your documents into a folder structure for convenient browsing.

Document & Data Search

KCIM's powerful search filters can narrow down your search query using a variety of options.


Add comments to a document to increase collaboration and provide important context for future document searches.

Data Validation

When indexing an important document you can request that the data be validated to ensure accuracy in future searches.


View the history of changes made to a document. A user can filter by date, metadata and when the document was created.

Browser Support

Minimum Edge 92, Chrome 70 or Safari 14

Language Support

English, German, French, Italian, additional languages to be added

MFP Device Compatibility

Compatible Kyocera HyPAS MFP's

Mobile Device Support

Minimum Android v6 or iOS v14


KCIM Infosheet

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Reasons to choose Kyocera for to manage your digital business content

A consultative approach

Over the years, we’ve developed an approach that recognises the uniqueness of each of our customers. Our journey to implementation consists of four stages: Discover, assess, design and deliver. And by adhering to this methodology, we create a bespoke solution that best fits each customer’s needs.

Our approach to business is also shaped deeply by our philosophy. We aim to “do what is right as a human being”, and that means doing right by our customers, our staff and the environment.

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